My Core Values

  • Sustainable Community
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Sustainable Economy


From these core values, these are the policies I plan on pursuing

  • Civil Rights

    Part of making sure we're a sustainable community means making Wyoming a more welcoming one. That requires making sure we're treating everyone who lives in Wyoming fairly and equally. I will fight for people of color. I will fight for non-discrimination protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Enabling more options for local communities

    In Jackson, our economy is growing, but it isn't sustainable because workforce demand keeps growing without the means to house that workforce. In other parts of Wyoming, it's a bit of the opposite problem. In the State House, I will push for policies to give Wyoming communities the tools they need to solve their local issues.

  • Education

    K-12 needs to be fully funded to invest in Wyoming's future. Without funding that can attract great teachers, Wyoming mortgages it's future. I want to continue Wyoming's tradition of affordable 2 and 4 year higher education programs to keep Wyoming kids in Wyoming so they can grow their community and continue investing their knowledge and talent in the Wyoming economy. This includes continuing and expanding programs like the Hathaway Scholarship Program to make a higher education achievable to all who want to pursue it.

  • Protecting our Public Lands

    Our Public Lands are not only the life blood of our local community and economy (and the #2 industry in Wyoming), but it's also our everlasting legacy to future generations. Like many of us, the enjoyment of our public lands are what first brought me to Jackson. We must also make sure the ecosystem which includes the wildlife stays intact. Among other efforts, I support funding for wildlife crossings. I am for more state level protections for grizzly bears, because their population still needs more recovery. I will fight to protect every inch of our public lands.

  • Encouraging a diversified economy

    Let's invest and incentivize businesses across Wyoming that diversify our tax base. A diversified economy helps mitigate any busts in any specific industry. A more stable economy means stronger communities rather than ones that get gutted when the tax base falls out.

  • Healthcare

    No one deserves their life destroyed by an accident. Being put in debt for the rest of your life because of something out of your control is bad for society and means that our community doesn't look out for each other. Having the stability and security of healthcare attracts families and businesses to set up shop for the long term. I will continue the push what the majority of Wyoming residents have asked for, expanding Medicaid in Wyoming.