Jackson is an amazing compassionate community. One that is committed to living sustainably with its environment. I want to continue to represent Jackson and those values of community and the environment to Cheyenne and the rest of Wyoming.

My name is Mike Yin, and I represent and work for you in Cheyenne for House District 16

As a child of two immigrants, originally from Atlanta, I moved here for the natural beauty, but found something I didn't expect, the people and the welcoming community. Whether it's being in a show for Riot Act, making bowls on the pottery wheel at the Art Association or just taking a hike up Snow King, our small community has an enormous amount to offer, and I love being a part of it. By day, I'm a Software Engineer, and I've also been one of your START Board members for over a year. It's a community that I want to give back to and make stronger. It's one with values I want to build upon with all of Wyoming.

I want to make sure it can continue to be a place to raise a family, because I believe that’s the foundation of a sustainable community. That means building a stable economy in Wyoming and moving away from a boom and bust one. That means making sure that Wyoming can retain great people and families instead of the state population being in decline. That means ensuring that families can afford their homes, that kids have access to a free quality education across the state, including higher education, and that everyone in Wyoming feels safe, secure, and welcome in their communities.


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